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Копалева Любовь Александровна, учитель английского языка
МОУ г. Мурманск Мурманский Международный лицей

The word “Murmansk” is originated from the language of the saami people, the word “mur” meaning “sea” and “maa” meaning “land” or “shore”. Murmansk is the largest city in the world beyond the Polar Circle.
Visitors are usually surprised at the climate in Murmansk. Due to the Gulf Stream the climate is rather mild here. In Murmansk the Polar day lasts from May 23 until July 21. From December 1 to January13 the city finds itself in the darkness of the Polar night.
The city of Murmansk was officially founded on October 4, 1916. Murmansk was a small settlement called Romanov-on-Murman.
By the outbreak of World War 11 Murmansk had its own industry and a large trawler fleet. During the war 80% of Murmansk buildings were destroyed. Day and night for 40 months the enemy bombarded the city. But despite the bombing and the fires the city carried on the day-to-day. The Soviet Army and navy defended our polar Capital heroically. Several streets in Murmansk are named after such heroes as Gadjiev, Generalov, Safonov, Sivko and Bredov.
Murmansk has become a large modern center of the fishing industry. A new port has been built in the southern part in the Gulf of Kola. Its deep-water docks have the last Word in modern equipment.
The Kola Peninsula is rich in minerals. It contains nickel, iron, aluminium, mica, and apatite ore.
Murmansk has plenty of entertainments, the traditional Festival of the North, for example. The program of the Festival includes reindeer races, competitions in skating and skiing. Murmansk has three professional theatres and a few cinemas. In the local history museum one can study the flora and fauna of the Arctic region and get the idea of the history of the Kola Peninsula since the 12th century. With every day Murmansk is becoming more and more beautiful.


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