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Смирнова Наталья Викторовна, учитель английского языка
СШ № 82, г. Черноголовка

герб Черноголовки
My town is a paradisiacal corner of Moscow Region. It is situated in the North-East and is completely surrounded by forest. We are lucky to have beautiful landscapes, fresh air, peace and quietness in our town.
Why do we call our town Chernogolovka? There are two reasons. On the one hand, there was a river Chernogolovka in this place. On the other hand, Chernogolovka was the name of herb that was grown in a great amount there.
“The swifts” and “a pine” are the visiting card of our town. The monument of the swifts is in front of the clinic. The birds soar up to the skies and everybody understands that everything will be all right. This place is very pleasant. Neatly manicured lawns with blooming flower beds and beautiful spherical lanterns are the feast for the eyes.
The symbol of Chernogolovka is a pine tree with three curved trunks. All the residents love this unique plant because of its shape. The authorities of our town take care of the pine. Not so long ago they invited scientists to treat the tree because of the harm which was caused by some bugs. The flag and the emblem of Chernogolovka have the image of the pine tree.
Our town is rather young, it’s an Academ-town. Many research institutes are hidden in the forest. We are people with a healthy sense of humour. We have got informal names of some buildings, such as “Three Piglings”, “On The Seven Winds”, “USSR”, “Pentagon”, “Sausage”.
We are also welcoming and hospitable. Come and see us some day, you’ll get a great pleasure, I promise!


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