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Авдеева А.В. – учитель англ. яз., Жукова Элина, Абдулкадыров Марат, Охашева Нелли, Абдулгазиева Алия
ОГОШИ «Школа одаренных детей им. А.П. Гужвина»

Astrakhan is a wonderful town to live in and it is also a beautiful place which is worth visiting.
There are lots of interesting places which reveal some mysteries. Astrakhan was founded in 1558. It is situated on 12 islands. If you want to start your day visiting Astrakhan, go to Astrakhan Kremlin which is in the center of the town. The Kremlin consists of several churches, a bell tower, and a cathedral. It is surrounded by a white wall. The bell tower which is 80 meters high and the Uspensky Cathedral are the most beautiful parts of the Kremlin. Astrakhan Kremlin hasn’t lost its spiritual significance nowadys. Just have a look at The Troitskiy (Trinity) monastery. Not far from the Kremlin there is a Swan lake. Lenin’s Square is the favourite place for many Astrakhan people to walk and have a rest. Some places in our town are really very interesting because they have some traditions which people try to follow. Thus, we have a bridge for those who are in love. And there is a bench for those who are in quarrel and want to be together again. Do you want your wish to come true? Come to our new monument of the Gold fish! Our new embankment with the statue of Peter the Great is the best place in the town. This summer a very original musical theatre has been built at last. Welcome to Astrakhan!


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