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Быков Александр Борисович
ГОУ СОШ № 1279 с углубленным изучением английского языка г. Москвы

Zyuzino is situated in the South-West district of Moscow. Its population is more than 100 thousand people. The main sight of the district is the blessed princes Boris and Gleb church – a monument of the XVII century architecture. The emblem of Zyuzino symbolizes its history: the golden line stands for the main line of the region – Kakhovka Street – and the five maple leaves representing numerous maple alleys of the region correspond to five centuries of the Zyuzino village history. The red field reflects mass brick production in the village which began after the war of 1812. The blue field symbolizes the connection of the region with the Black sea: 10 out of 17 streets here as well as 3 metro stations are named after the cities situated at this sea.
The place has a long history. Vyatichi’s settlements started here in XII-XIII centuries and in the time of Ivan the Terrible the village got its name after its owner, Vasily Zyuzin, who was one of the oprichniks of the great tsar. Zyuzino was the only village where population census was regularly held since 1736. In 1960 it became a district of Moscow. Then the so-called “mass building” of houses known as “khrushevkis” began which turned Zyuzino into a dormitory area.
In the past the place was famous for its gardens and in its greenhouses one could see plants and trees which normally grow in the south. And even at present Zyuzino is considered to be environmentally safe and one of the greenest areas of Moscow. There are three ponds here and the region borders on Bitsa Park which is called the lungs of not only Zyuzino, but Moscow too. One can also enjoy the view of the Kotlovka River in the north.
The area is becoming more beautiful because the people who live here really care.


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