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Рыбакова Галина Александровна
Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение гимназия №2 "Квантор"
Учитель английского языка, Высшая квалификационная категория, руководитель ГМО учителей английского языка, эксперт ЕГЭ

Рыбакова Галина Александровна

Kolomna stretches halfway between Moscow and Ryazan, at the confluence of three rivers: the Oka, the Moscow and the Kolomenka. In Kolomna there is the Kremlin, there are ancient churches and medieval monasteries, classical buildings of 18-19 centuries.
Our city will impress everybody!
Kolomna Kremlin, which protected the city for five centuries is striking in its power. The famous Marinkina Tower, the most famous in Kremlin, is the symbol of Kolomna.
Everyone in Kolomna will tell you the story of how the wife of False Dmitry ? Marina Mniszech was imprisoned in the Marinkina Tower and died there.
In 2007, Kolomna was chosen to host the celebrations in honor of Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. In this regard, on the Cathedral Square a monument to the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius was opened .
In the central part of Kolomna you can visit the Memorial Park. “Eternal flame” and the monument of the mother of the dead soldier were set in the park.
In May 2006, Skating center of Moscow region "Kolomna" for 6 thousand people was opened. It provides year-round training process in skating, short-track, figure skating, curling and holds Russian and international competitions in these sports. From the XV century, Kolomna is known for its apple gardens. Even then Kolomentsy come up with a way to save fruit. They prepare tasty delicacy (paste) from the apples. The Museum of pastes is situated in the historical part of town. In the living room of the museum visitors expect a story about life and customs of Kolomna merchants, as well as tea and wide varieties of pastes. Welcome to our ancient, beautiful and hospitable town!


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