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Дударенко Валерия 7в класс
МОУ СОШ № 1 г. Биробиджана
Учитель: Мартынюк Екатерина Валентиновна

I live in Birobidzhan. It is the capital city of the Jewish Autonomous Region. It’s situated in Eurasia. The population of the city is about 75 000 people. The official language is Russian, but people speak Hebrew, Chinese, etc. Birobidzhan is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. It was originated as a settlement at the station Tikhonkaya (founded in 1915), which was transformed into a working village Tikhonkaya – Station in 1928. It’s located on the Trans-Siberian railway, close to the border with China. Birobidzhan is named after the two largest rivers in the region: the Bira and the Bidzhan, although only the Bira flows through the town. Birobidzhan is twinned with Beaverton, Oregon, the USA; Hegang, Heilongjiang, China; Ma’a lot-Tarshila, Israel; Niigata, Japan.
It’s has got a very beautiful embankment, a green park, several museums, fountains, squares, a cathedral, a church, a synagogue and an exciting nightlife. It’s a great place to visit. People from different countries come to the festival of Jewish culture held every two years. In 2011 it was attended by artists from Israel, Austria, USA and China, the Ukraine and Russia, including the world-famous musician Roman Greenberg, singer Iosif Kobzon and the actor born in Birobidzhan Simon Strugachev. Many people visit our city. Basically people live in blocks of flats in the center of the city, but some live in their own houses. Birobidzhan is easy to drive in. People don’t have any problems to get from one part of the city to another. There are a lot of buses.
In their free time the people of Birobidzhan walk along the Pedestrian area and shop at new modern-malls. They also enjoy going to the cinema and theatre Kogelet. Football and hockey are most popular sports. Street racing and motorcycle races sometimes take place.
The food of Birobidzhan is excellent. Restaurants serve delicious Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Jewish and Russian food.


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