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Носкова Александра
МБОУ «СОШ № 35 с углублённым изучением отдельных предметов» города Чебоксары Чувашской Республики
Учитель – Стеклова Надежда Михайловна

What a wonderful place is our Chuvash land! Talented, hardworking and beautiful people live here! We are very grateful to our ancestors for passing their wisdom, strength and knowledge from generation to generation. The history of Chuvash people is rich in legends. There is a great number of books about the origin and life of our people written by the scientists of the republic, Russia and even other countries. But the real wonder is the fact that our ancestors managed to tell us, their successors, about their life, their values and aspirations.
Our ancestors lived a difficult life. They worked hard but nevertheless they were able to have their principles and could rejoice. How do we know about it? Many centuries ago those wonderful people started to send us messages. No, they didn’t use the usual alphabet then. We can read their epistles in the national embroideries now. Isn’t that really marvelous?
The grateful descendants immortalized the language of our ancestors in stone, they made a monument called “The Symbols of Wisdom”. You can see it in the capital of our Chuvash republic, the town of Cheboksary. There are 57 symbols which our primogenitors used on textiles. Those signs tell about the Sun, harmony, about light, warmth, hearth, life, tell that “we are, we will be” and about greatness of the nation, about cohesion, about brotherhood, solidarity about honor, will, composure. The listed symbols are here:
Unfortunately, we, the descendants of those marvelous people, have lost much of what they bequeathed us. We don’t wear national clothing with embroidery in everyday life anymore, we don’t follow many other traditions and customs. Of course we have national holidays, when people in national costumes perform our native songs and dances. And now we also hope that looking at this amazing sculpture we, the representatives of the great nation, will think: “Where are we from?”, “Who are we?” and want to be worth our great ancestors.


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