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Осипов Антон - ученик 5 В класса, Муниципальное Общеобразовательное Учреждение «Кировская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2 им. матроса, погибшего на АПЛ «Курск», Витченко С.А.». Коваленко Наталья Вадимовна – учитель английского языка.

Kirovsk is one of the youngest towns of the Leningrad Region. It is situated on the left bank of the Neva, in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. The Neva is a wide river, but it is not very long. It runs from the Ladoga Lake into the Baltic Sea. During the summer at nights the Ladozhskiy Bridge is risen high over the Neva and lets the large ships pass up and down the river. At the beginning Kirovsk was a small camp for young people who built the Central Heating and Power Plant №8 for Leningrad. But it was destroyed during the Second World War.
Today Kirovsk is a quiet, beautiful and clean town. In this year our town celebrates the 80th anniversary. There are many interesting places in Kirovsk and its suburbs. The symbol of Kirovsk is baby moose Kirill. It is a kind and strong animal. This landscape sculpture is on the main square of the town. Also there is a bench for those who are in a quarrel and want to be together.
The most interesting place is the diorama that is inside the Ladozhskiy Bridge. This is a historical and memorial museum. The largest unique exhibition of the military equipment in Russia is located outside the diorama. There are 6 tanks which were brought from the bottom of the Neva. They took part in the tank battles during the Great Patriotic War. Many tourists come to see them every year. There usually are meetings and processions of the veterans on the Victory Day near the diorama. We are proud of our town and love it very much.


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