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SOVETSK, Tilzit-theatre

Лоза Анастасия, 9 «А» класс
Учитель: Олейник Наталья Вячеславовна
Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение основная общеобразовательная школа № 8
История Тильзит-Театра, Калининградская обл.

In my town there is a theater called «Tilzit-theater». And I want to tell about its history.
The first performance of the theater was in the house of the local pharmacist Herr Falk. After that the authorities decided to build a local theater. The donations were made by citizens of Tilzit. 145,000 marks were collected for construction. The most significant contribution (60000 marks) was made by merchant August Engels. In 1903, the building was reconstructed for the first time and the stage was expanded. The first director of the theater wasEmil Hahnemann, who also was a brilliant actor. In 1936, the theater again subjected reconstructing. After some time the theater was evacuated to Germany. During the World War II the theater in Tilzit was closed, and the troupe was disbanded. In recent years, «Tilzit-theater» is talking part in many prestigious festivals in Russia and abroad. A lot of plays are staged in the theatre. Among them are classical ones, like “Othello” by Shakespeare, “Three Sisters” by Chekhov and modern ones. Children also love the theater a lot as they can visit it and watch interesting tales staged for them.


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