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Малочуева Ирина Сергеевна, учитель английского языка
МОУ гимназия № 2 «Квантор»
г. Коломна, Московская область

I would like to tell you about my native place, Lukhovitsy. It is a small provincial town situated about 130 km away from Moscow. For the first time the town was mentioned in XVI century as a village Glukhovichi. Only in 1957 Lukhovitsy was named a town. When entering the town you can see a funny sign “There are only three capitals in Russia – Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Lukhovitsy”. In Russian it rhymes. Lukhovitsy is famous for tasty vegetables, especially cucumbers. This fertile territory fed people from generation to generation. Our cucumbers are well-known in the Moscow region. Passing by the town anyone cannot help stopping and buying some crispy cucumbers. The Cucumber’s Monument was unveiled two years ago in honor of “breadwinner” for local population.
If you examine the town’s emblem you will notice three birds stretching their wings high into the air. It symbolizes the main industrial sector of Lukhovitsy – aircraft plant “Mig”. The plant supplies many African countries with such fighter-airplanes as Mig-23, 39. In the centre of the town there is a monument of Mig-23. It is the best place in Lukhovitsy to walk or play with kids, enjoy the beautiful fountain and blooming flower beds!
Lukhovitsy gave rise to a few men who glorify our country not only during the wartime but even now, in peace time. My husband – Malochuev Oleg – is Hero of Russia. The highest military award was given to him for exceptional acts of courage in the local war in Ingush Republic. He was awarded posthumously.
Native land of birches! The charms of nature! The place where Sergei Esenin wrote his famous words “A man is beautiful”! I am proud of my homeland!


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