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Тибилова Марина, Баженова Анастасия, Нерадов Михаил
МОУ лицей №7 г. Солнечногорска
Гороховская Зинаида Викторовна, учитель английского языка

Solnechnogorsk is a beautiful town. It is also a wonderful place which is worth visiting.
Solnechnogorsk is situated in the north-west of Moscow region, 65 km away from the capital of Russian Federation. The main roads of Russian transport network (Federal Highway “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg” and Oktyabrskaya Railway) run through Solnechnogorsk and the district.
When the “second capital” of Russia, Saint Petersburg, appeared, Tverskoy and later on Peterburgsky Route became a very important road connecting the two capitals. Ekaterininsky canal linking Volga river with Moscow river also helped the trade. A dam was built to supply the canal with water. A picturesque lake appeared in that place – Lake Senezhskoe. It is one of the main sights of Solnechnogorsk. On a bright sunny day lake Senezhskoe pleases our eyes with the stately calmness, and on rainy weather when the wind lifts the waves, you get a feeeling that you stand on the seacoast… We are proud of the picturesque lake Senezhskoe, one of the most beautiful lakes of Moscow Region.
During the Great Patriotic War there had been the cruelest battles with the fascist army. As we know from our great-grandparents’ stories, from our history lessons, from the meetings with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War – the defenders of our town, Solnechnogorsk played a great role in the battle for Moscow. Many Solneshnogorsk citizens were killed at the front. Two out of three men never came back. Now there are some streets in our town which are called after the heroes. We are thankful to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who were ready to die for our life and freedom. They gave us the opportunity to live in our great country, in our town.
Solnechnogorsk is one of the most developed districts in Moscow region. And finally we want to tell you about cultural life. It consists of the various cultural and educational institutions, among them are Museum and exhibition hall “Putevoy Dvorets”, the theatre “Galateya”, a lot of village palaces and libraries. Every year the citizens of our native town celebrate the City Day.
In conclusion we’d like to say that we are proud of our native town. There are a lot of interesting things to see in it, a lot of interesting people to meet… Welcome to Solnechnogorsk!


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