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Толстова Татьяна Николаевна
МАОУ «Лицей №4» г. Чебоксары
Г.Чебоксары, Чувашская Республика

There is no better place in the world than my hometown. I would like to tell you about Cheboksary. It is an ancient town with more then 530-year-old history. Being a small settlement long ago that appeared from a fortress in the XIV century on the left bank of the river Volga between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, it has become Volga’s pearl. In the XVII-XVIII centuries Cheboksary was a significant trade center of the Volga region, which provided a good market for salt, bread, fur, leather and honey.
Nowadays it is a wonderful place where traditional and modern buildings, Chuvash folk traditions and customs are in chime. It is a very green and clean place. The streets of our hospitable town have green trees and flowers in blossom; the gold domes of churches and cathedrals remind you of eternity; the pure fresh Volga air gives you the feeling of freedom. The town was famous for the great amount of churches.
Cheboksary (Shupashkar) today is the capital of the Chuvash Republic, its administrative, economical, educational and cultural center. It is a picturesque town, where there are original and unique museums and monuments, where two cultures (Chuvash and Russian) are closely connected. The population of the town is more than half a million people.
The most beautiful part is the central part of the city. It is situated on the seven hills as an amphitheatre. Nowadays the Central Part and the Bay are the capital’s pride very popular with people at weekends as well as at weekdays. People from our town and from different parts of Russia come here to have a rest, enjoy the beauty or go boating. The walk along the pedestrian way can be interesting and useful. There are three museums here: the National Museum, where you can learn about the history and culture of the Chuvash people, the Geological museum and the Museum of Beer, where you can try different kinds of the national drink.
I’m sure that you will get an unforgettable impression from walking along the streets and squares of the town and its suburbs. Come and visit it some day! It is the most beautiful place on the Earth. The people are very friendly and respectful.


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