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Герб Балаково
Полякова Ольга Васильевна, учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №18», г. Балаково

We live in Balakovo. It is situated in Saratov Region. It was founded in 1762. Our town is not very large. There are about 200000 people who live here.
Balakovo inhabitants have a lot of powerful and mysterious Scythians, the crossroads of the great migration of tribes. It is through these places the Great Silk Way passed. The Mongols went to conquer ancient Russia and Yermak headed to conquer Siberia.
The main advantage of Balakovo is the Volga. The town is divided into several parts due to the navigation and irrigation canals. Our town has its second unofficial name “the Volga Venice”.
The biographies of many famous people are connected with Balakovo: here lived the inventor of the first tracked vehicle Fyodor Abramovich Blinov, the Russian architect Fyodor Shekhtel, the legendary hero, one of the most outstanding military leaders of the Civil war Vasily Chapaev, the blind virtuoso-bayan player, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Panitskiy, the author of the famous best-seller “Moscow and Muscovites” journalist Vladimir Gilayarovskiy, the Honored Artist of the USSR, the actor Evgeniy Lebedev, the painter Gennadii Golobokov and many others.
We are proud of our historical and art museums.
Balakovo is the only place in the country where there were five All-Union Komsomol constructions in its time. It is the largest centre of power engineering in the Volga region. In Balakovo there are the best nuclear power plant in Europe, the most beautiful hydropower plant on the Volga, “Balakovo-rezinotekhnica” plant, the unique production of hydrocarbon, plastic, etc.
Speedway is very popular in Balakovo. Our town has its own team “Turbina”.
We like our town.


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