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г. Кемерово
Воротынова Вера Валериевна
Учитель английского языка, МБОУ «СОШ № 50»


Kemerovo is an administrative, industrial and cultural centre of Kemerovo Oblast. The chief industries of our city are machine building, mining and chemistry. The original name of the city is Shcheglovsk. In 1927 it was renamed Kemerovo from the Turkic word “kemer” meaning “coal”.
In 1943 Kemerovo became a regional centre. The population today is 532,9 thousand people.
Kemerovo is situated on both banks of the river Tom. Two bridges connect the left and the right sides of the city. The embankments of the river Tom are favorite resting places for those living in the city. There are many parks, squares, monuments, theatres here. The most popular museum is the “Krasnaya Gorka” which exhibitions items connected with the history of Kemerovo.
In Kemerovo the public interest for bandy is the biggest in Russia. Kuzbass is among the best in the Russian Bandy League. In 2007 the Bandy World Championship was held in the city. Ice hockey and football are also very popular.

The coat of arms of Kemerovo

The coat of arms of Kemerovo city represents the French shield which is divided into two parts, black one and red one. Black color symbolizes the coal (the main wealth of the region), red color means courage, energy, strength. The yellow color which frames the shield means wealth, justice, mercy, faithfulness. The centre of the shield is occupied by the chemical retort, the coan and the ears of wheat that symbolize the main two industries of Kemerovo which are the chemical and the machine-building industries and the fertility of the land. Overhead the shield there is the name of our city – Kemerovo.

The flag of Kemerovo

The flag of Kemerovo looks like a square-topped panel of the red color with the blue stripe along the flag’s width. The Kemerovo’s coat of arms is located in the centre of the whole flag.
The colors of the flag have the definite meanings. The red color – courage, glory, energy and power. The blue one – honor, the God’s mother who patronizes Russia, heavenly power, faithfulness, constancy and truth. The green color is the symbol of hope, gladness, abundance and ecology.


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