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Тетерина Ольга Афанасьевна.
КОГОКУ «Гимназия №1 г. Кирово-Чепецка Кировской области». Учитель английского языка высшей категории, стаж работы – более 30 лет, Заслуженный учитель Российской Федерации.

Seven Wonders of Kirovo-Chepetsk

Here are the wonders of my little city. Wonder Number One: It is green and pretty. Look at golden woods! You will never guess What a gigantic plant this modest city has. Smoke from the plant spoils our ecology But Wonder Number Two is its unique technology. Products of the plant are in the world exported. The city dwellers thus are cared, fed, supported. This art school by the river is Wonder Number Three. With plenty of young talents, and low tuition fee. A church built by Americans is Wonder Number 4. I bet you’ve never heard of K-Chepetsk before, But over the ocean in Texas and Kansas, New York and California some people know us. The school where I work is Wonder Number Five Not only in province, in Russia it ranks high.
Among the ten best schools of the Russian Federation, It’s certainly a leader in the city’s education. We have the smartest teachers and students are the best. They win a lot of contests and pass the hardest tests. They enter Universities, win high awards and prizes, Work for the largest companies and famous enterprises. It is the sixth of wonders (surprising I must say) That lots of them have studied in the USA. In this star-spangled picture it sure can be seen Where in the USA our folks have even been. And what about next ? Wonder Number Seven? My house has nine floors; my flat is in the heaven. And from my cloud nine I have so good a chance To see all those wonders at once and at a glance!

  • 1. Industrial city?
  • 2. Chemical Plant
  • 3. Art School
  • 4. American Friends
  • 5. Among the ten best schools of Russia
  • 6. Our teachers and students in the USA
  • 7. From Cloud Nine


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