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Лукашенко Валентина Владимировна, учитель английского языка.
МБОУ г. Астрахани «Гимназия № 3», Ассоциированная школа ЮНЭСКО

There are many beautiful ancient houses on Red Embankment. One of them is a house of the merchant Shelekhov M.A. built in 1885. Astrakhan antiphthisic dispensary is situated here now. The mansion of Shelekhov was built as a renaissance villa. If you come in, you will see beautiful tiling stoves and a glass ceiling in one of the corridors. There was a greenhouse above, and through the glass it was possible to see plants.
There is statue of a woman in ancient clothes on the roof.
Many legends were told about the statue. They say that at night this stone creation comes back to life and quietly walks along the corridors of the hospital. Some patients tell that they periodically hear moans and plaintive weeping.
This is how this legend has started. Shelekhov had a daughter Masha who died at the age of 17 from tuberculosis. He was very upset about his daughter’s death and did not sleep at night. It was hard for him to stay in his house, where everything reminded him of the young child.
One night Shelekhov fell into a heavy sleep and his daughter came to him. She was sad, but the lights of hope glimmered in her eyes. She stared at her father and then asked him to make their mansion to serve and help people fight against the disease, and she will stay there to protect the house and help the sick. She asked him to set her statue in the house. Her father carried out his daughter’s request. He gave his house to the hospital in 1922 and put a statue of his daughter on the roof where it remains today.
We don’t know really if Shelekhov’s daughter protects the house of her father today. However, doctors and nurses of tuberculosis hospital say that they work easily and comfortably in this house.


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