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Учитель английского языка Хусаинова Гульфия Замиловна, учащиеся Мусина Алина, Ризванова Ильсияр, Хусаинов Динар.
МАОУ СОШ №2 г. Лениногорска, Республика Татарстан

Leninogorsk was founded on August, 1955. Today it is the beautiful, green and cosy town. Whole history of Leninogorsk is connected with oil. The biography of the town began from the discovery of the main oil repository – the Romashkinskoe oil field.
In our town there is the Oil Monument and the Museum of Oil which was the first one in Russia.
Leninogorsk is the native land of 12 heroes of the Soviet Union and 10 Heroes of Socialist Labour. In the Heroes Avenue you can see the busts of these heroes.
The Palace of Culture is a very famous place in our town. Many different performances and concerts of actor troops from Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Bugulma, Almetyevsk and other cities, meetings, shows are held there.
Sport is very popular in our town. There are three ski-jumping boards in Leninogorsk. One of them is one of the highest in Tatarstan.
One of the most famous and favorite places of our citizens is the pond where they can have a rest. They fish, ride bikes, swim and lie in the sun, play and ride on boats there.
There is a mosque near the pond. The mosque was opened in 2006. Usually all people come to the mosque on Friday because it’s a holy day.
Leninogorsk is one of the greenest towns in our republic. There is a large green park with many kinds of flowers and trees and with a beautiful fountain in the centre of the town.
Leninogorsk is named one of the cleanest towns in Russia, not only in Tatarstan.
We like our native town very much.


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