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Оборовская Вера Георгиевна
МБОУ «СОШ №40 им. С.А. Катасонова»

Kemerovo Oblast was founded in January, 1943.
It is located in the south-east of West Siberia.
The area is 95.5 thousand square kilometers.
The population is about three million people.
Its centre is Kemerovo. Nature has taken good care to arrange our region for holidays.

The best place for sports and rest in Kuzbass is Mezhdurechensk

This young and beautiful town is located in southern Kuzbass in the picturesque place at the confluence of two rivers – the Tom and the Usa. Hardly any other Siberian city can be a rival of Mezhdurechensk in its natural beauty. Localities around Mezhdurechensk are really picturesque: rocky mountains, clear rivers, fresh air, white snow and boundless Shor taiga.
The city could become a centre of mountaineering and long-jump-skiing. The advantage of this place is that it can be also used for hunting, white-water rafting, delta-planeering, pot holing and other extreme kinds of sport.
Long-jump-skiing attracts a lot of tourists and can help to make the town prosper and flourish, as it is very exciting and spectacular. The future of the city could really great, since holiday-makers of Kuzbass and Russia have studied well the routes to the Tegir-Tiz (the name means “The Skies Jags” – «Поднебесные Зубья») and to the heart of Gornaya Shoria. This nice place is certainly worth visiting! First-class accommodation should be built here for tourist and sportsmen and advertising should develop.
I hope this “Map of Russia” will work for the benefit of Mezhdurechensk and make this town a tourist destination.


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