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My name is Ksenia Narsiccova. I am a student of the 9th form of №506 Moscow school, which is located in Kozhukhovo. Moscow is my native city. Near the place where I live there is a beautiful park Kolomenskoye. My classmates and I like to walk there. This park has got interesting history.

Kolomenskoye used to be a village in the past which is located on the right bank of the Moskva River (in 1960 within the city of Moscow), the former grand prince and the royal mansion, an architectural ensemble of 16-17 centuries. It is located 10 miles from Moscow along the Moscow River. The name of this village for the first time met in 1328, it was a spiritual letter of Grand Duke John Danilovich Kalita. The complex consists of Kolomna: hip Church of the Ascension (1532), Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist in Djakova (1547), the temple-tower of St. George, Church of Our Lady of Kazan (1660-ies), two stone gates (1670-ies).
Church of the Ascension built by order of Grand Prince Vasily III to commemorate the birth of an heir, the future Tsar Ivan the Terrible an outstanding monument of ancient architecture, one of the earliest extant tent temples. Brick with white stone decorated towering church, topped by an octagonal tent with a high dome flat, letting up. Stone stairs and bypass the arcade gallery-ambulatory organically connected with the temple of the surrounding landscape. Church of the Ascension is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site (1994).
Most historians in Moscow believe that the village was founded by Kolomenskoye refugees from the town of Kolomna, fleeing from the ruthless armies of Batu Khan in 1237. Like many other immigrants, they gave the new village name in honor of their native land. Toponym Kolomna, which served as the basis of name of the village of Kolomna, deserves a more detailed story.
On the origin of the toponym Kolomna there is a “complex” stories and legends. There is a purely Slavic version, which connects the name with the Common Slavonic root Kolomna colonies (within the meaning of “circle”).
Welcome to this park and museum. Have a good time.


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