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Белясова Дарья, ученица 4 класса школы № 1147, г. Москва

My name is Beliasova Darya. I study in the 4th form at school №1147. I want to tell about the favourite city Moscow and about area where I live.
Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. Moscow is one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world. There are many different monuments. The heart of the city is Kremlin and Red Square. Moscow - ancient a city, which is 864 years old. I would like to tell you some words about the new area of Moscow - Maryino. Maryino is a small town in big city.
In the early 12th–13th centuries, the area of the modern district was where the village of Maryino stood near Chaginskoye Marshes. The district’s name dates back to that village, which itself was called after Mariya Yaroslavna, mother of Tsar Ivan III, who founded the village. Now it is a modern district of Moscow.
My favourite place in Maryino is park which was opened to the 850th anniversary of Moscow. There you may find a monument to the students’ beliefs, which was opened on June 28, 2008.
I like to walk in this park with my parents, friends. We ride bicycles, play hide-and-seek, collect flowers and fallen leaves. There is also a great church in Maryino which is called «Apease my griefs».
There are also several museums in our district. Glazunov Museum (at school № 33), museum to the veterans from Maryino, patrons museum.
I love the place where I live. Welcome to Maryino!


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