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Участники: Кучерявина Анастасия, Телегина Екатерина - 9Г класс, Москвина Ксения - 9В класс, образовательное учреждение - МОУ Лицей №22 « Надежда Сибири». Учитель английского языка высшей категории – Мартынова Елена Владимировна.

Novosibirsk is one of the youngest cities in the world. Its history begins with the building of the railway bridge across the river Ob in 1893. N. Garin-Mikhailovsky is considered as the founder of Novosibirsk. Our city is one of the fastest growing cities in Russia. But we still can enjoy the views of the old buildings which are located in the centre. In the very centre there is the chapel of St. Nicholas which symbolizes the centre of Russia. This sight has a tragic history - founded in 1914, it was destroyed in 1929 and was rebuilt only in 1993 (100-th anniversary of Novosibirsk). Not far from this sight you can see The Opera and Ballet House (the Siberian Coliseum). It has been a symbol of Novosibirsk for a long time. The special pride is the great opera hall with its original stage, design, ceiling, and galleries for audience. The theatre was reconstructed in 2005 and became even more beautiful than before. Opposite the theatre the Local Lore Museum is situated. It has been a museum since 1920. But the building was built in the 1908-1910.Designed by the architect A. Kryachkov, whose buildings are widespread in our city, it is one of the landmarks that define the appearance of Novosibirsk. The first floor was designed for shops. The second floor housed the establishment of the city administration, the State Bank branch.
On the left-bank part of the city there is one of the most magnificent monuments in Novosibirsk - The Monument of Glory. It is a monument to the Siberians who died fighting in the Great Patriotic War. In the center of the monument there is a sculpture of Grieving Mother, on the pylons of the monument the names of heroes are carved. A lot of citizens come here on 9th May to commemorate all the heroes.


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