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МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №5» города Омска,
учитель английского языка Басова Татьяна Викторовна.
Наши фотографы: Самборская Маша (9 класс),
Диттер Маша (9 класс), Новиков Игорь (5 класс).
Очерк об Омске писали: Витковская Даша (5 класс), Павлова Марина (5 класс),
Самборская Маша (9 класс), Диттер Маша (9 класс).

We want to tell you about our birthplace – city Omsk.
The territory of the Omsk region is very small compared with other regions in Russia. Omsk (1,138,822 residents) is the second largest city in Siberia along with Novosibirsk and Kras-noyarsk. One of the greatest Omsk rivers is the Irtysh river (4,248 km) - flows from Northern China through the Kazakh Republic and the Omsk Region to the Arctic Ocean.
Omsk has always been considered the cultural centre of Siberia. It’s difficult to imagine Omsk with just one library open to everyone. The current libraries number in dozens and the greatest is the Public Library named after Alexander Pushkin located in the very heart of the city. It is a modern building and is considered to be one of Omsk’s finest landmarks and sights to see.
The Omsk Musical Theatre attracts much attention to its operas, ballets, musical operas and musicals. In 1993 this Theatre became the spot for competitions of singers from many countries; it was the First International Singers Competition held in Omsk. Since then, every three years Omsk holds such competitions. The Omsk Musical theatre is a good example of housing various opera, musical comedy, musical and ballet performances in a new kind of modern building.
There are currently 8 theatres in Omsk. Today the leading city theatre - the Academic Drama Theatre occupies the premises built in 1904-1905 with money gathered from the city dwellers. The first play staged here was “An Inspector’s Visit” by Nikolai Gogol. Many outstanding Russian actors started their dramatic career on the Omsk stage.
The Omsk Drama Theatre for Children and Youth was established on May 17, 1937, and has worked now for almost 65 seasons. Its actors have fairly successfully taken an active part in various theatrical festivals held in Russia and abroad.


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