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Кузьмин Сергей Александрович.
МОУ «Елизаветинская СОШ» Адамовского района Оренбургской области.
Учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории, заместитель директора по УР, 462823, Оренбургская область Адамовский район, село Елизаветинка.

Orsk is the second largest city in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, located on the steppe about 100 kilometers southeast of the southern tip of the Ural Mountains. The city straddles the Ural River. Since this river is considered a boundary between Europe and Asia, Orsk can be said to lie in two continents. The city is located where the Ural River turns from south to west and where the Or River comes in from the southeast (whence the name).
Orsk was founded in 1735 in the process of the Russian colonization of Bashkiria and the Southern Ural region. The first settlement was founded by an expedition headed by Ivan Kirilov as a military fortification at the Mount Preobrazhenskaya on the left bank of the Yaik River (presently Ural River). Originally called “Orenburg”, it was renamed Orsk in 1739.
The city grew dramatically starting from the 1870s. The population was mainly occupied with trade in cattle and grain, reprocessing of agricultural products, and various arts and crafts. Many women were involved in the business of weaving famous Orenburg shawls. By 1913, the population of Orsk was over 21,000, and by 1917 there were eleven churches and minarets, and sixteen educational facilities of various types and levels. During the Russian Civil War, from 1918 to 1919, Orsk withstood a three-month long blockade and then four times changed hands between warring sides.
In the 1930s, the construction of large industrial enterprises, which drew their resources from the mineral rich soils of the region, started. One of the most notable stones excavated within the Orsk city line in the Mount Polkovnik is jasper. Orsk jasper is revered for its variety of natural designs and colors.
There is one major institute in Orsk: Orsk humanitary-technological institute. There are also a number of different schools and colleges, State Drama Theater, Museum of Local history, Laboratory of Archeological Studies, Children’s Art Gallery, Children’s Folk Theater “Blue Bird”, and a municipal brass band.


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