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Галактионов Михаил
МБОУ Октябрьская СОШ, Зарайский район, Московская область
Галактионова Любовь Владимировна, учитель английского языка

Everybody likes the place where he was born. My native town is Zaraysk and I like it best of all. Zaraysk is a district center in the South-Eastern part of Moscow region. More than 150 kilometers separate it from Moscow. The town is situated on the high right bank of the River Osyotr which is a right tributary to the River Oka.
Many legends are connected with the name of town. The brightest of them is the legend about Evpraksiya. When the town was being taken by Tartars, Evpraksia, the wife of Prince Feodor ( a son of Yury, the Prince of Ryazan), to avoid being captured, grabbed her baby son, jumped out of the window of her tall palace, and fell to her death. In Old Russian, to fall to death is zarazitsya. Since then the place got the name of Zarazsk, which eventually transformed into more euphonic Zaraysk.
The main attraction of the town is well-preserved Kremlin (an old Russian fortress), built in 1528-1531. There are two museums in Zaraysk: Zaraysk Museum of Art and History and Museum-House of Anna Golubkina (the famous Russian modernist sculptor A. S. Golubkina (1864-1927) was born, worked for a long time, and died in this house)
12 km away from Zaraysk there is Darovoe Village, where Fyodor Dostoevsky spent his childhood and often came in his mature years. The writer’s father
Mikhail Dostoevsky purchased this village in 1831, and then in 1833 acquired the nearby Cheremoshnya Village. The Village of Cheremoshnya is mentioned in the famous novel “The Brothers Karamazov” and Darovoe Village is described in the short story “Muzhik Marey”. Only a small wooden outhouse and a grove have remained from the Dostoevskys’ estate in Darovoe. I like my home town. Welcome to Zaraysk.


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