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Шлиенкова Юлия и Сафаров Владимир.
МАОУ «Лицей № 37»
11 «А» класс. Преподаватель – Курьянова Н.В.

To begin with, we would like to say that every city has its own interesting history and Saratov is not an exception. The exciting history of the town goes back many years. Our city was visited by a lot of famous people including Pushkin and even Peter the Great, the Great Russian Tsar.
Nowadays, Saratov is a big industrial city. About one million people live here and all of them are very proud of Saratov. There are many monuments and interesting places here. Our home city is situated on the Volga River and every weekend I and Vova enjoy walking along Saratov embankment. To tell the truth, it’s a really magnificent place! Recently, Vova has found a little bit of information about ancient Saratov including Saratov embankment. Since ancient times, the embankment has really changed! Now, there are a lot of beautiful plants and trees there. Moreover, no old boats, only luxurious ferries! This place is really worth visiting!
And what about places that save original beauty? Of course, there are at least 5 of them in our city! For example, The Radishchev Art Gallery. This picturesque museum was founded by Bogolyubov Aleksei in 1883. Since then, it has saved his real and original beauty. The museum presents exposition of paintings and sculptures of XIII-XX centuries from within Russia and overseas. We want everyone to visit it someday!


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