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Свидерская Ирина Петровна
Свидерская Ирина Петровна
МОУ гимназия №2 г. Чехова

Chekhov is a small town near Moscow. Chekhov is 45 km. from Moscow to Simferopol highway.
There are two main streets there. At the crossroads of these streets is the main city square. Here is the administration building of the city, a monument to the heroes of World War II and a small walkway with a fountain. The day of our town is celebrated at the end of summer. The artists come from different places of Moscow, we welcome different folk and pop singers. In the evening we see fireworks show.
And what is this beautiful city famous for? Anton Chekhov spent his best years here. In Melikhovo village (12 km. From Chekhov) is a museum - manor name of the writer. Chekhov wrote 42 immortal works. In autumn 1895 the famous book “The Seagull” was written here. The museum is open every day except Sunday.
Here is one of three Russian Saints sources. It is Talezh. People come here from different places to try to pure holy water. On the territory of Talezh is a church, but it works only on weekends.
Lovers of literature have a possibility not only to visit Melikhovo, but the family house Goncharov. There is a small church near it.
In Chekhov, there is also a museum of the Great Patriotic War. Be sure to visit this museum. The museum contains enough interesting exhibits and materials on the Great Patriotic War.
If you do not have time to watch all these sights in one day, you can stay overnight in one of Chekhov hotels.
Sports enthusiasts can spend their free time on the playing fields of the town. There are various sports competitions in handball, water polo, hockey, mini-football, boxing and other sports.
I hope you will spend your nice, interesting days in my town.


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