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Никитин Андрей - ученик 7 класса, Андреев Денис - ученик 10 класса, Тихонова Людмила Александровна – учитель английского языка МБОУ «Большебикшихская СОШ» Канашского района Чувашской Республики.

We would like to tell you about our native place, the village Bolshie Bikshihi. Here is a map of Russia, where Chuvash Republic is spotted red. This is the place where our village is situated.
The highway connecting Cheboksary and Ulyanovsk passes our village. First of all, here are a few words from the history of Bolshie Bikshihi.
They say that the first settlers of our village were from the southern regions of the republic. Merdayn and his men had to look for a new place to live. Some of them came up to the river Tsivil and formed the settlement Bolshie Bikshihi. It was in 1646. Others moved further and named their settlement Mali Bikshihi. There are several villages called Bikshihi in our republic.
Now there are more than 400 houses in the village and about a thousand and four hundred people live here. They are friendly and sociable. They live in modern and comfortable houses with gas and hot and cold water. There are 10 wide clean streets in the village.
Our village gave birth to many famous people. One of them is Vitali Nickolayevich Yakimov. He is a Professor, Doctor of Science in Economics. He wrote hundreds of scientific works, but he never forgets that he is a son of Chuvash people. Petrova Elena Petrovna was a doctor. In 1958 she got a scientific degree of a Candidate of Medical Sciences. She did much to cure Chuvash people. People of our village are very industrious. We grow vegetables, fruit and flowers in our gardens. We also have cultural traditions. Our favourite holiday is Акаtui. It is a holiday in honour of the end of sowing and we usually have it at the beginning of June. Competitions in horse racing, wrestling and volleyball take place there. Home-made goods are exhibited. You can hear Chuvash and Russian songs too. Every year we take part in this exciting holiday and enjoy it very much.
Bolshie Bikshihi is a wonderful place to live in. We are proud of our village and love it very much. Come and visit us some day!


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