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Работу выполнила ученица 8Б класса Божедарова Алина.
Учитель: Барандина Я.Н.

My small native town

My town Gryazovets is well-known because the first time it was mentioned in 1538 as pochinok Gryazovitskiy, later was known as trading village Gryazlevitsy, Gryazlivitsy, Gryazovitsy, Gryaznitsa, Gryaztsy. Gryazovets became the town in 1780. All forms of the name are from a basis of dirty. From XVIII century agriculture was developed. In the end of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries Gryazovets was the large center of manufacture of butter in Vologda region, famous for lace.
For the first time Gryazovets was mentioned in Certificate to the letter to the king Ivan the Great (Ivan IV) to a monastery from June, 17th, 1538. In the letter 90 monastic villages and pochinoks are listed to ruinous attack of the Kazan Tatars in winter 1538 and released in this connection from all state gathering and duties for the period of five years. Among listed there was pochinok Gryazivitskiy. In 1780, October, 2nd in St. Petersburg it has been approved also the arms of the district town.
Gryazovets is interesting as one of many small towns with the old historical center which has been built up by mainly stone private residences of the end of XIX-of the beginning of XX centuries. In the center and in surburbs there are small wooden houses with carved platbands. It is surprising, that on town houses “insurance” signs of XIX century were kept. The town is interesting for tourists because of the name Komelskiy “wood” where some monasteries are located: Kornilievo-Komelskiy, Pavlo-Obnorskiy, Arsenievo-Komelskiy.
In our town the well-known poet Druzhininsky Nikolay Vasilevich (1948—1993) lived and except it he was, for example: dramatist, journalist, from 1990 a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR.


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