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Максимова Арина Дмитриевна, 12 лет.
ГОУ Московская международная гимназия 6 «Б» класс. Учитель - Вознесенская Анастасия Вячеславовна.

Russia is a great and vast country. But there is one place which I love most of all others and where I’m always happy: it’s my country house and the village called Luzhki near which it’s situated. It’s a cosy, beautiful and dear place for me. I love everything here: my big and light-flooded house, our garden full of bright flowers and the majestic forest where thousands of birds are singing and where it’s so nice to gather berries, mushrooms and just to walk. We live here in summer, during all school vacations, we spend here most of weekends. I always look forward to going here!
It’s a pleasure to walk and play in the garden in summer or to sit by the fireplace in winter but what I like all year round is to go to the nearest village where I meet with my friends - there is a beautiful old church there, and near it there is a nice garden with flowers and fruit trees, a pond where we go fishing all summer long and a playing ground under the tall birch trees where it’s so nice to play or to talk with friends! And the white church with blue and golden domes makes us feel cosy and safe. This old church was built in the early XVII century and reconstructed in 1864. The priests tried to educate the countrymen and opened a school on the territory of St. Nikita’s church. At the beginning of the XX century our church was the local centre of education for children and adults. After 1917 the fate of our church wasn’t easy: in 1922 it was robbed by the bolsheviks, its bronze bells were remelted or just broken. But there were courageous people who saved the church from closing, destroying and further robbery. And now it’s beautiful and full of people again!
So that’s my favourite place in Russia – a sweet and dear place where I feel happy and safe, where there is my family and friends.


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