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Artyom Tarasov, Russia, Kursk, School №29, form 10 A

Maybe for someone Kursk is the same city as hundreds of others in Russia, but for me it is special. This is my native and beloved city.
Kursk has very rich history. Initially it was created as an outpost to protect the southern borders of Russia. In 2032 Kursk will celebrate its millennium.
Kursk is also one of the oldest religious centers of Russia. Our land is known for the Great Saint Seraphim of Sarov and the great Christian shrine The Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God. According to the legend, the icon was found on September 8th, 1295, the day of The Nativity of the Mother of God, in the woods, not far from Kursk burned by Tatars. A Hunter found a small icon which was lying face down on the root of the tree and when he raised it to see, from the place where the icon was laying, scored a spring. In 1898 in the Kursk Cathedral, terrorists put a bomb near the Kursk-Root Icon. The cathedral was destroyed by the blast but the icon remained intact. After that, it left Russia for a long time and only in 2009 it returned to Kursk. A very large number of believers have come to see and kiss the wonder-working icon.
Residents of Kursk since ancient times put their lives on stake to protect the homeland, since the times of “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”, Great Patriotic War and to present day.
And in the days of peace Kursk people show courage, heroism and devotion to Russia. So the crew of the submarine «Kursk» becomes famous for its feat. Residents of Kursk gratefully glorify, mourn and remember their heroes.
Speaking of emblematic places, before the revolution symbol of our city had always been the Sergievsko-Kazansky Cathedral, built in 1778.
Today, a visiting card of Kursk can be considered the beautiful Triumphal arch, built not long ago in 2000.


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