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Журавлева Елена Павловна - учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ №114, СЗАО г. Москва


Tushino is an area in the north-west of Moscow. For the first time it was mentioned as a village in 1512. In 1938 it became a city and in 1960, a part of Moscow. In the XV century Tushino was nicknamed after the owner - boyar Vassily Kvashnin-carcass.
In any season, gliders can be seen on the slopes of Shodnenskaya “bowl”. It looks like a volcano crater. For many millennia the river channel was deepened and finally became a deep “bowl”.
The “bowl” like this can be found only in Africa. The depth of it is about 40 meters; its height is about 13 floors.
On the banks of the river Shodnya traces of settlements of Homo sapiens the Stone Age Paleolithic: the bones of prehistoric bull, musk ox and reindeer were found. During excavations, Shodnenskaya braincase, relating to the early Paleolith was found. In the “bowl” in 1927 archaeologist J. K. Vinogradov examined Tushino early Iron Age hill fort. He found a burial mound of the XI-XIII centuries. There was an ancient trade route from Moscow to Vladimir.
At the bottom there are marshes and wet meadows with snakes. All these create a good shelter for waterfowl and other red-listed animals. It is the parking of swarms and the migratory of birds during the spring flight. At the end of XX century the following species listed in Red Data Book of Moscow lived there: a moor frog, a common newt, a viviparous lizard, a weasel, a hare and such birds as snipes, water hens.
Old willows grow along the river and young birches, ashes, maples and oak trees appear on the slopes. But still the river flows as well as fish and ducks swim in its waters.
Our “bowl” is located in the North-Western Administrative District.
It’s a monument of nature, a part of Moscow natural park, one of the most picturesque places in Moscow.


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