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Панченко Арина 5 «Б» класс
Учитель: Шопина Марина Николаевна.
ГОУ СОШ № 556 с углублённым изучением английского языка Курортного района г. Санкт-Петербурга.

My Birthplace - Nezlobnaya

There is a lot to see in our country. But I want to tell about my birthplace.
Now I’m living in Saint-Petersburg, Sestroretsk, but three years ago I lived in Stavropol region, in Nezlobnay. This name it has received in honor of the kind people who were living there.
It is not a village, it is a stanitsa. Many years ago there lived kazaki. It is situated in the Northern Caucasus, on the left bank of the river Podkumok. It is surrounded with forests and hills.
Nezlobnaya was founded in 1784 not far from the fortress of Saint George, now it is the town Georgievsk. Nearly 32 nationalities are living in it. Nezlobnaya has not rich and modern prospects, avenues, high buildings and shop centers. There are some shops, one hospital, three schools, three kindergartens, three libraries, one musical school, one market and two churches.
Not far ago was built a new church, truly to say a new cathedral, the cathedral of Archangel Mikhail. It is a beautiful building with green domes. Early in the morning and during the great religious holidays you can hear the magnificent ringing of church bells.
And what about the nature, it is so wonderful and picturesque. Isn’t it exciting? There are a lot of fields with colourful flowers. Welcome to Nezlobnaya!


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