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Анна  Попова
Работу выполнила Анна Попова,
10 лет, г. Торжок, Тверская область
Руководитель – Егорова Любовь Николаевна


My name is Anna Popova. I am 10, I am in the 4th form and I was born and live in Torzhok. I love my town greatly.
Torzhok is rather small. Only about 40,000 people live in it. But it is very old, more than 1000 years old.
Tourists like to visit it, but not all people know that Torzhok has much interesting. It became famous for its trade and for St Efrem Novotorzhsky. He founded a monastery on the river Tvertsa (Boris-and-Gleb Monastery). Today you can see a good sight of the town from its towers. Many years ago there were 36 churches in Torzhok, as there were 36 rich merchants. But many churches were destroyed and there are only few of them today.
A lot of famous writers visited Torzhok, among them were Pushkin, Krylov, Ostrovsky. You can see Pozharsky hotel even today. A.S.Pushkin stayed there very often. The Onegins lived in Torzhok in those times.
There is a golden embroidery factory in Torzhok. Golden embroidery is a traditional trade in my city, it goes back to the times when a woman monastery began making clothes for the Tzar family.
Many old wooden houses make a museum in the open air in Mitino. It is a lovely place for people’s rest not far from Torzhok. My father works in this museum. He restored the old church. On Pushkin birthday we have a very nice folk fest there. There is a famous modern sanatorium there, too.
Today Torzhok is a big industrial and cultural centre in Tver region. It produces carriages, fire output, polygraphic inc and many other things. It has ten schools, three colleges, a helicopter training centre and four museums. There is also an exhibition hall, and it often arranges different exhibitions.
Torzhok is very green and beautiful. I love it and I want its people to restore all the monuments and to take more care of it.


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