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The History of Saratov

Ермолова Ирина Васильевна. Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение «Гимназия № 1» г. Саратова.

Я – учитель английского языка в гимназии № 1 г. Саратова. Всю свою жизнь я прожила в этом городе, знаю все его достоинства и недостатки. Я горжусь своим городом и очень его очень люблю.

Saratov is located in the heart of Volga River Valley Region. It was founded in 1590 as a fortress to protect the trade route along the Volga River from nomadic raiders.
The name of the city comes from the Tatar word Sary-Tau (Yellow Mountain). From the very first days Saratov was involved in war. The town was several times destroyed by steppe dwellers.
In 1670 Saratov became the centre of the peasant war. After forming a detachment in April 1670 a Cossack leader and a popular hero of numerous folk songs and legends Stepan Rasin moved from the Don to the Volga. At the beginning of August he occupied Saratov.
In Saratov Rasin’s detachment became much more numerous and contained 10 thousand persons. The inhabitants met Rasin gladly, with ringing of bells, bread and salt and local escaped peasants and the poor willingly joined the detachment. Rasin introduced the Cossack state system and divided the population into squadrons and foremen.
But nobody can predict the future. At the beginning of 1671 hearing that the patriarch of Moscow had anathematized Stenka the people of Saratov refused to open their gates to him.
The city is also keeping memories of the great rebel leader Emelyan Pugachev. On the 7th of August 1774 troops of people’s trouble-maker invaded Saratov. He came here with not good intentions and stayed on Sokolovaya hill, from which he began to shell the town. During three days, which invaders spent in Saratov, all bread, salt stores and wine cellars were opened for free distribution. On the 9th of August Emelyan left Saratov, and moved to Tsaritsyn. Soon his army was defeated, and Pugachev was caught by his own accomplices, sent to Moscow and executed. You can read about these events in A. Pushkin’s historical novel “The Captain’s Daughter”.


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