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Выполнила ученица 11А класса МАОУ «Лицей №37» г. Саратова Никольникова Полина.
Преподаватель – Курьянова Надежда Викторовна

Saratov cultural life is rich. The Radishev Museum of art founded in 1896 by a famous Russian painter Bogolubov is the biggest third in Russian. Its regular exhibitions make people know everything about life and works by modern painters. The Saratov conservatory organized by the world famous singer Sobinov makes our town a great musical center. Different kinds of musical festivals and concerts held in Saratov are very popular, especially organ concerts.
The museum P.V. Kuznetsov is devoted to one of the most famous Russian painter-symbolist – Pavel Kuznetsov. The museum looks like a 19 century middle-class homestead, which has special, unusual location. This museum is a great center of P. Kuznetsov art works, which usually carries out events dedicated to the leader of Russian symbolists.
The State Fedin Museum was opened in June, 1981 in Saratov, native town of the writer, in an old building of the former Sretensky elementary school, where Fedin studied in 1899–1901. Since then, the museum was considered to be a museum of Russian literature of the 20th century.
Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore is among the oldest ones in the Volga Region. The museum fund comprises about 400 thousand items: extensive archaeological, ethnographical, documents, hand-written books, religious items, posters, paintings, materials on the history, social and cultural settings in Saratov. These represent the diverse nature and history of the region from the ancient times to the present. New exhibitions are demonstrated annually. Regular historical, archaeological expeditions add to the museum collections. Donations from all kinds of organizations and individuals replenish its funds as well.


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