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Макевнина Александра, ученица 10А класса.
МОУ СОШ № 5 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов, г. Солнечногорск, Московская область.
Есманчук Вера Николаевна, учитель английского языка.

I live in Solnechnogorsk: the place of my birth and my living. It’s a small town, situated on the coast of the lake Senezh: one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes in Moscow region. Solnechnogorsk is built on the road, which connects official and cultural capitals of our country, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
At the end of 19th century, it was a place with the name Solnechnaya Gora, which included a lot of peasant settlements. Later, they were united and the town finally got the name Solnechnogorsk. It had played an important role in the first steps to the Victory in the World War II. Local people displayed incredible courage and steadfastness during the whole war. In the days of occupation, inhabitants, especially women and children, were working at the plants, producing necessary productions for the front. They were working under the motto “Everything for the front, everything for the Victory”. After the Victory, the town began returning to the life. Now, there are some monuments in the memory of people, who died, protecting our mother-country from the fascist armies and gave us peaceful future full of happiness.
Solnechnogorsk was a lovely place for the famous Russian authors. The estate Shakhmatovo, situated not far from the town, was the place, where A.A. Blok spent his childhood. Beautiful landscapes helped his talent to develop. Now, the house, where the poet grew up and worked, is a museum, which everyone can visit and know a lot of interesting facts about his life in Solnecnogorsk. The famous writer L.N. Tolstoy often visited his friends, who lived near the station Podsolnechnaya. The outskirts of the town gave him ideas for writing his narrative “The landowner’s morning’” and the novel “Sunday”.
Nowadays, Solnecnogorsk is a town with its cheerful people and unforgettable history.


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