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Ученица - Амирбекова Мадина. Учитель – Спирина Ирина Владимировна
ГОУ СОШ № 204 с углублённым изучением иностранных языков Центрального района.

My favorite place in St.Petersburg is Basil Island. The Island is like a separate city. Like a city in the city. There are so many interesting, mysterious places, that I want to go back again and again. But the most interesting things are yards. One of the most mysterious is the “Yard of Spirits”. No one knows exactly where that yard is located, someone says that it is in Repin street and somebody says that it is in the 4th line of the Basil Island. The “Yard of Spirits” is still a secret place, and this creates an aura of mystique and aura of romance around this place. To find a yard is very difficult. If you find the yard, you are lucky. If you raise your head to the little piece of heaven, and wish something you want very much, your wish will come true! There are many yards like “Yard of Spirit” in this area.
“The Yard of Gryphon” is not a hidden place as “The Yard of Spirits”. This is a mysterious place, too. According to the legend, there lived a professor, he had gryphons, and walked with them in the yard at night. He also invented the secret of eternal youth. People say that gryphons can be reflected in the windows! You can find it near the pharmacy, 7th line of the Island. By the way, I recommend this pharmacy, because it is the oldest pharmacy in our city. I enjoy spending time in the Basil Island, a place where there are many interesting fantasies and thoughts, which are heard in the works of such well-known poets as Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam and others.


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