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The excursion round Cheboksary

Елена Петровна Михайлова, учитель МБОУ «СОШ №37» г. Чебоксары Чувашской Республики.

If you try to find the town of Cheboksary on the map of Russia, you won’t fail. It’s situated on the Volga.
In all times the Volga played a historical role in the town’s fate. Down the Volga, fulfilling the orders of the Russian tsars Ivan III and Ivan IV, ships used to float with armed soldiers in order to expand and strengthen the borders of the Russian state.
Later on foreign and Russian tradesmen carried goods to the Cheboksary fair and thanks to its favourable geographic layout Cheboksary became a prominent merchant town in the 17th -18th centuries. The foundation of Cheboksary dates back to May 20, 1469. After the fall of the Kazan Khanate, a chain of fortress was erected along the Volga to establish the control over the Mid-Volga region and defend the eastern borders. Following the order of Ivan IV, archbishop of Kazan Gury sanctified a new fortress by the wooden icon of “Our Lady of Vladimir”. Now it is exhibited in the hall of Ancient Art of the Chuvash Art Museum. In the middle of the 17th century the first brick church of “The Entry into the Temple of the Mother God” with a bell-tower was built. Even today it acts as a dominant of the old part of Cheboksary attracting tourists. The beginning of the 18th century saw the appearance of a number of mansions in Cheboksary. Catherine II making her Volga voyage stayed in one of them belonging to the official Solovtsov. Cheboksary appealed to the heart of the tsar. Today Cheboksary is a scientific, industrial, sports and cultural center of the Chuvash Republic. The European Cup of race walking took place in 2003 and 2008 in our town. It is the pearl of Povolzhye. We are proud of our town and admire it!


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