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Катасонов Никита Сергеевич. ГОУ СОШ № 1210 с углубленным изучением английского языка.
Ученик 2Б класса, преподаватель английского - Квашнина Елена Анатольевна

My name is Nikita. I live in Moscow. My family has got a summer residence. It’s located near Volokolamsk town. I like to live there very much. My mother’s grandmother was born here. Volokolamsk is a very beautiful small town. The old Volokolamsk Kremlin has remained in it. There is a Historical Museum now. Volokolamsk is older than Moscow for 12 years. During its history the town sometimes burned completely, and then it was restored again. The town is located on the Lama river. An ancient trading way passed on the Lama river. Lama is a very small river and bargemen were necessary to drag vessels on it. Therefore the town is called Volokolamsk. There are many estates of noble families in the town vicinity. One of them is Goncharovs’ estate in the village Jaropolets. The famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s wife Natalya Nikolaevna was born and has grown here. Alexander Pushkin himself happened here time and again. A family theatre and a family church has remained on the estate territory. I should very much like this estate to be restored. There is the famous Dubosekovo station not far from Volokolamsk. It’s a historical place. Here, on November 16, year 1941 was the battle for Moscow. 28 soldiers from general Panfilov’s division have made a feat. They have entered unequal fight with the tens of German tanks and submachine gunners. Their military commander Klochkov said his famous speech: “Russia is a big country, but there is no place to recede, because Moscow is behind us”. 28 heroes haven’t admitted enemy to the heart of our country ? Moscow. At present, the monument in the form of 5 huge figures-soldiers is established on this place. The Museum of 28 Heroes is located in the village of Nelidovo. I consider Volokolamsk to be my little Motherland and I like to visit our old house there.


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