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Виноградов Александр, 4А класс. Учитель - Агеева Галина Ивановна. ГОУ СОШ № 1367 г. Москвы

I can’t imagine my native city Moscow without the best park in the world. When I was a child in a carriage I opened my eyes and saw the trees and the sky of the park in Kuz’minky. There I made my first steps, spoke my first words and found my first friends. Now I’m ten, but I spend all my free weekends there, too.
This park is a wonderful place. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature: different kinds of trees and bushes, lovely fountains and many nice old buildings, funny attractions and pretty flowerbeds. There are many birds and animals there, too. Sometimes when I walk in the park, I think I am in the zoo. I love feeding birds and animals there.
Kuz’minky is a historical famous family nest of the Golitsyn Princes, a summer house settlement in the past, which was famous for its great location, remarkable parks, and picturesque ponds. Today there is a museum there. This preserved nature complex of the city is of unique ecological, scenic, historical and cultural value.
I never feel boring in the park. I can walk, ride my bike or scooter, read a book in the park. In summer my family and I like boating and taking pictures. We are an active family: we often play football, volleyball, badminton, skip, run, swing and play in the sports grounds in the park. In winter we can ski, skate, play snowballs and make a snowman. You can have fun during City Days, Pancakes Days, National celebrations, concerts in the open air in Kuz’minky, enjoy Summer Festival of flower beds. It is a residence of Russian Santa Claus, too. This park is the nearest natural place to escape from the stone jungle.
There are many ponds in Kuz’minky where we can fish, ride in the wet zorb, watch and feed the ducks with their ducklings and boat. But it’s a pity that it is impossible to swim or to dive in the water because it’s dirty. When I grow up I will do all my best to clean these ponds and my children will have a chance to enjoy swimming and diving there.


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