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Arkhangelsk is the home of Stepan Pisakhov

Полоскова Татьяна Робертовна МОУ СОШ №17.

Welcome to Arkhangelsk! I would like to start with a few words from the history of Arkhangelsk. It is one of the oldest Russian towns. It was founded in 1584 by the order of Ivan IV on both banks of the Northern Dvina. The city was built around the monastery of St. Michael the Archangel. Till the 18th century Arkhangelsk was the first and the only sea merchant port of Russia. Arkhangelsk is also often called the gate to the Arctic Region. Many polar research expeditions started from Arkhangelsk to explore the island of Novaya Zemlya and the North Pole.
Fortunately I have a splendid opportunity to represent my compatriot Stepan Pisakhov (1879-1960). He is the famous Northern writer of fairy-tales. For 2 years young Pisakhov travelled around the world, but he could not live without the north and live through the winters without snow. The people and nature of the North became the main theme of his creative work. He was a painter, ethnographer and folklorist. Pisakhov’s fairy-tales are strikingly original, with colourful northern manner, preserving the peculiarities of Pomors’ speech. Most of the tales are written in the person of Senya Malina. Senya symbolizes courage, wit and cunning of the Pomor people.
“The Northern Munchhausen” can do anything – catch winds, stretch himself 18 mile, etc. “Lying” or rather exaggeration is Pisakhov’s favorite literary device. He proceeds from a real fact or detail and through exaggeration develops it into a cock-and-bull story.
I like reading his fairy-tales to my little son. He often laughs and I’m happy. Read Pisakhov’s fairy-tails and you are happy too!


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