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Твиди Дарья Дейл, ученица 8 класса
МОУ Дмитровская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1 им. В.И. Кузнецова Сороко Ольга Александровна – учитель английского языка, Высшая квалификационная категория

«Забытые легенды» (о селе Ольгово Дмитровского района Московской области)

Olgovo village (where most of my Russian ancestors were born) has very rich history. Before revolution it was the estate of Count Apraksin who was even mentioned by Tolstoi in his famous novel “War and Peace”. Olgovo is a beautiful place (70 km. away from Moscow, in the North of Moscow Region) with typical for Central Russia nature: there are lots of lakes, ponds, meadows, parks and so on. Everyone who visits this place feels some kind of magic in the atmosphere. Maybe for this reason a lot of legends were born here.
Especially I like one legend that I heard from my granny. It explains the origin of the names of three wonderful ponds. Here’s how it goes:
Once there lived a beautiful young woman. She was the daughter of Count Apraksin. And a poor young man was madly in love with her. He served for this Count and was a simple peasant doing heavy farm work to provide all the necessary things for his Master. The young lady knew about the feelings of this man, but couldn’t imagine herself - such a rich and beautiful woman together with such a poor, dirty peasant. And so to get rid of him she gave him an impossible mission. She said:“Go and catch three nightingales: a black one, a white one, and a purple one.”
The poor man tried in vain for a long time to catch three nightingales. When he realized that the birds he was looking for didn’t exist, he simply caught three sparrows and painted them. The first one he painted black, the second - white, and the last one he painted purple. The next day he brought them to his beloved Countess. The young lady was quite surprised, so she began to wait for beautiful nightingale singing. She waited and waited but the fake nightingales were silent. Then the girl rightly supposed that nightingales did not sing in captivity and set them free.
The birds flew away. The black sparrow bathed in a pond and its water turned black, the white sparrow bathed in the second pond and its water turned light, and finally the purple sparrow bathed in the third pond and people started to notice a crimson glow in it at sunset.
Since then the ponds have such interesting names: Black Pond, White Pond and Sparrow Pond.

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  • Черный пруд
  • пруд Воробей
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