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Участник: Екатерина Сергеевна Иванова
Руководитель: Абрамова Евгения Игоревна
ГОУ СОШ №838

Я ученица 10 класса школы №838, учюсь в лицейском классе. Я увлекаюсь изучением иностранных языков. Так как моя школа находится около парка Коломенское, и живу я тоже рядом с парком, мы часто с одноклассниками гуляем в нём. Поэтому мне хочется написать Вам о Коломенском.

My name is Katya Ivanova. I am a pupil of the 10th form of №838 Moscow school, which is situated near the park Kolomenskoye. I like this place and want to write you about it. Park Kolomenskoye is one of the most famous parks in Moscow. But thanks to Golosov ravine it is known not only as a museum-reserve, but also as one of the anomalous places. The ravine stretches from the bank of the Moscow River to modern Andropova Avenue. The ancient stones Goose-stone and Devin stone, located in this ravine, probably had a sacral meaning. There are a lot of legends connected with Volosov ravine in the Kolomenskoye Museum-reserve. For example, in Moscow chronicles of the 17th century an amazing story is described. In 1621 suddenly appeared a small detachment of the Crimean Tatar horsemen of Devlet Giray, whose troops tried to capture Moscow in 1571, but were defeated. The cavalry detachment descended in Volosov ravine and wrapped in a thick greenish mist. Tatars had been there, as it seemed, a few minutes, and came to the surface only after 50 years. Another legend says that people have seen many times “hairy people” in the Volosov ravine. They are described in the chronicles of the times of the Moscow tsar Ivan the Terrible. In 1926, a policeman met an unknown hairy giant in the thick fog, he took the gun but the ghost vanished in the mist. It is also strange that the ancient slaves called the ravine “Volosov” ? in honor of an ancient deity Volos or Veles, the ruler of the underground world. The name of the god occurs from a word “volosatiy”, that is hairy. Another mysterious story, reported in the early 19th century said that two peasants before the war with Napoleon walked through the ravine at night and hit the same greenish mist. They sat on Devin stone to relax and came out of the ravine in 21 years. Kolomenskoye is a very interesting and mysterious place on the map of modern Moscow. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see this strange greenish fog in the ravine.


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