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Евгения Игоревна Абрамова
учитель ГОУ СОШ № 838, г. Москва

Melikhovo is situated to the south of the capital in Moscow Region. It’s a well-known place where a Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived and worked from 1892 until 1899 and created more than 40 literary works, including the plays “Sea-Gull” and “Uncle Vanya”. At present it is a memorial museum of Chekhov where you can see hundreds of objects of his everyday life. The most important part of the collection consists of the manuscripts, the writer's possessions, books, photos, furniture, pictures of artists who were Chekhov’s friends – I. Levitan, V. Polenov, etc. - the objects keeping his memory and preserving unique atmosphere.
The Museum-reserve in Melikhovo is a large complex. It consists of the main estate house, where you’ll see Chekhov’s study, his library, a dining-room, his bedroom, a well, a kitchen which presents a cozy corner of Russian everyday life of the end of the 19th century, the cottage where the play “Sea-Gull” was written, memorial garden, kitchen-garden, pond “Aquarium” where Chekhov used to sit with a fishing-rod, Levitan’s hill called in memory of the great landscape painter who worked there. You can go along the path around the garden, see a famous bell in the park and ambulatoria, where Chekhov treated patients.
Today the Melikhovo Estate museum resembles the estate as it was in Chekhov’s time. Concerts, theatrical and musical performances, exhibitions and feasts are regular here. In summer scenes from Chekhov’s plays are presented on the porch of the main house.


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