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Буланова Ксения Олеговна
Школа №1298 6Б

I live in Kurkino, one of the most wonderful districts of Moscow. It is also called Little Switzerland. Kurkino – is a new district. Ecology is fine here. Many people move here because of fresh air. The district is considered to have more children than in many other districts.
Kurkino is like mini city. It has its own emblem with the lily of the valley.
Many years ago Kurkino was a village and its name was Kuricino. Kuricin was an owner of this place. In 1639-1641 A.I. Vorotynskii bought Kurkino. In 1672-1678 his son I.A. Vorotynskii built a church in honour of Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. One of the most important streets in Kurkino is Vorotynskaya street.
Fame path has been found recently not to forget about those who died during the war. There are some monuments and a cannon in this path.
Streets of Kurkino are wide and straight and our inhabitants like to ride their bikes along them. As to the nature we have the Schodnja river, a pond, a nature reserve and a grove. If you want to walk a bit you can go to any of these places. Little children enjoy feeding ducks in the pond. In winter the pond covers with ice and it becomes a fantastic skating rink. It is not the only place for winter activities. There is a forest and a slope for skiing in our district. Tobogganning is also a great fun. For those who want to be good shape there are many keep – fit centers. It has been opened a university in our district.
I am happy to live in Kurkino. I moved here some years ago and I have many friends. It is the best plece of Moscow, I have ever seen. I hope it will stay so ecological as it is now. It is developing and I am sure it will be even better.


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