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Нерович Евдокия 4-А класс
ГБОУ СОШ № 1143, г. Москва
Научный руководитель: учитель английского языка, кандидат педагогических наук
Коростелева Светлана Анатольевна.

My name is Evdokiya. I live in Moscow. It is big and beautiful city. There many theatres and museums. I would like to tell about my native lovely district Lublino. This is a very old district. There is Durasov palace complex here. It has its own history. The park and lake with many trees are around it. The palace is well-known place. It was under reconstruction for a long time but now it opens for visitors. In the palace you can see how aristocrats lived. The complex has the museum when tableware and household goods are represented. Fedor Dostoevsky was in Durasov palace in summer 1886 and wrote his novel “Husband for ever” after that. It expresses the author’s feelings about Lublino summer. The same case happened with Vasily Surikoff. He drew some pictures during the rest in Lublino. The most famous of them is “Menshikoff”. Lublino got status of town in 1925. People can find entertainments at any season of the year. In summer you can sit on the grass and watch ducks. Fishermen go to fishing in an early morning. Children ride the bicycles and roller-skate. We can hide under the trees from heat. Adults like to sit in shadow of trees and watch their children. After hot days you can walk on the paths many hours and admire colors of autumn. When winter comes we go skiing, skating and sliding down. Our favourite entertainment is snowball fight. In spring you can see how nature awakes. It’s very exciting. Branches of trees are covered with little green leaf buds. Children’s festivals take place on the territory of the palace. People love it’s very much. I am proud and love my district and my city.


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