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Хузятова Азалия Рустемовна
Хузятова Азалия Рустемовна 3 В класс.
МБОУ СОШ №8 город Туймазы Республика Башкортостан
Руководитель: Бондарева Светлана Геннадьевна

I have a grandmother. She lives in Kandrikutui village near Kandrikul Lake. I spend my summer holidays there and I want to describe it.
The lake Kandrikul is situated in Tuimazinski region, 2.6 km to the south from the railway station Kandri, 10 km to the southeast from Tuimazy city.
Its area is 1560 hectares.
Lake is the second according to its size lake of Bashkortostan, its blue pearl. Its length is 6,55 km, its width is2,38 km, middle depth is 7,2 meters. The lake is of karst and gap origin. From the three sides the lake is surrounded by high hills – mountains. The water is clear, pure light alkaline, sulphate and sodium. Several springs fall into the lake. There is an island in the north – west part, it is covered with forests and fields. The lake is surrounded with mixed forests, peatbogs, meadow steppe, planting.
It is the central object of the natural park “Kandrikul”. Here are many kinds of birds make nests or flying past including the rare ones: black throated European Diver, breasted goose, swans.
The federal highway Samara – Ufa – Chelyabinsk comes along the northern shore of Kandrikul Lake. Many curing institutes and bases are situated on the mountain and the forest shore. The most of them are of an old model with summer houses and conveniences in yard.


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