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Завьялова Анна Арьевна, учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ№1» г.о. Электросталь

“My native town is Electrostal” - excursion around the town.

Our native town was founded on the 26th of December in 1938. Long ago this place was called “Zatishye”. There were a lot of marshy places around it. Nobody could know that instead of “Zatishye” a big and important city would grow.
In 1916 not far from “Zatishye” two big plants were built. The master of those plants was N.A. Vtorov.
Every town has its own official symbol. Electrostal has its symbol too. On this emblem you can see Gefest – a God of fire and blacksmith. It is a symbol of the main industry of our town – metallurgy.
Now Electrostal is a big industrial town which has a great importance in the production of the nuclear fuel, metallurgy and heavy machinery building. And it is one of the biggest producer of the highly sample steel.
During the Great Patriotic War our citizens defended our Motherland. Many of them were awarded by “The Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union”. “The Eternal Fire” is burning in honor of all the lost during the Great Patriotic War.
You know, in our town there is a hockey club “Kristall”. Our team is one of the best in Moscow region. In “Kristall” you can not only play hockey or watch hockey matches, you can skate too.
Our town is beautiful, very clean and cozy. In the center of our town there is a Palace of Culture “Octyabr”. A beautiful Flower Avenue leads us from the Palace of Culture to the Sport Center “Kristall”. If you want to sit in the comfortable armchairs and watch your favorite film you can go to the modern film center “Sovremennik”.


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