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Павлова Ульяна, 7 «А» класс
Сергеева Татьяна Ивановна, учитель английского языка
МОУ гимназия №9 г.Волгограда

My favorite place in my city is the Mamayev Kurgan. It is a memorial and all year round you can see people coming here to honor the memory of Soviet soldiers who defended our city in 1942–43.
The memorial complex “Mamayev Kurgan” was built in 1967.
The path to the top of Mamayev Kurgan leads to the main monument, the statue of the Motherland, a mother standing guard over her country, her raised sword threatening to destroy any who dare to invade her land, and calling on her sons to follow her example.
The statue is 52 metres high, and is made from concrete. The sword, made from stainless stell, is 29 metres long and weighs 14 tons. At night the statue is illuminated by floodlights. The Statue is considered to be the one of the Wonders of the World.
“The Square of Sorrow” is the part of the Memorial. In its centre you see a grieving mother, a statue of woman leaning over her son, a fallen soldier. His face is covered by the flag - he has been given final military honors. Woman grieves not only for her own son, but for all those who died defending Stalingrad. At the base of the sculpture is a small pool, into which weeping willows lower their branches.
The most solemn place of the Memorial is the Hall of Valour, where you see 34 lowered red banners, on which the names of over seven thousand soldiers are carved. The sad, gentle music is played all day long. In the centre of the hall a huge hand holds up a torch which carries the Eternal flame. A guard of honour stands by the eternal flame from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. The guards change every hour; and once a day all the guards parade in front of the Hall of Valour.
My family and I like to visit the Mamayev Kurgan on Victory day when a lot of veterans and citizens of our city come here and bring flowers. It’s very exciting. My grandfather was a soldier and he defended our city. We must remember Soviet soldiers and be grateful to them for our happy life.


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