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Самарина Татьяна Николаевна - учитель английского и русского языков ГБОУ Центра образования № 1748 «Вертикаль» г. Москвы

Izmailovo. What do we know about it? It’s a former Tzar Residence and a vast plain territory for hunting in ancient times.
It has been known since 14 centure. In 1550 a young tzar Ivan IV set some Court people there. That way the Romanovs’ve started. A big farm came into service in Izmailovo. The Romanovs’ family turned into the second rich family in the country after the tzar’s one. Nikita Romanov was aware of the newest of the new things. A light boat was brought from England to float across the Serebruanka and the Yayza rivers. It was soon discovered by Peter the Great. His Majesty spend his childhood there. During Alexey Michailovich rulling over Russia Izmailovo was a center of new agricultural investigations. Melons, water-melons, pine-apples, grapes were grown in well equipped hotbeds. There were made the Vinogradnij and the Serebryanij ponds near the Tzar Residence.
Not long ago there were many factories in Izmailovo: “Krasnaya Zarya”, ”Krasnij Bogatir”,”Vimpel”, ‘Mayak’, ”Salut”, ”Chromatron”. Some of them have their background in old times of the merchant Ivan Kurdjukov. He was the first who opened the woolen manufacture in our district.
In 1935 Izmailovo became a part of Moscow. It is famous for it’s beautiful places. The most important features of the district are Park Streets. There 16 Park Streets around our center of education. They run south-north of Moscow.
In 1990s one could see only low buildings in Izmailovo.It was an unusual part of the capital with its line-streets, nicely decorated 3-storey red houses built after The Great Patriotic War. Working people of the plants “Vimpel”, “Mayak”, ‘Salut” lived there. It had its own unique nature and architecture. Now a lot of high buildings are created in our district. The view of it reminds Moscow itself. It’s not less nice it’s another. There are a lot of schools, swimming pools, sport clubs, places of interest in Izmailovo. But “Ismailovski Ostrov”, “Izmailovski Park”,”Izmailovski Bani”, Sirenevij boolvar and “Vernisazh” are our great landmarks.


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